Titan planets are limited: only 10 titans are ever sold. This planets have some characteristics that other planet will never have. Titans are the only planets in the entire universe on which a Stardust mine can be built. There will never be a passive Stardust mine again. Farming Stardust will always involve an effort.

✔ Stardust mine (produces stardust)
✔ Resource mine bonus x10
✔ All buildings are already at lvl. 20
✔ Coordinates can be set by the user
✔ Only 10 titans are ever sold

There are only 10/10 titans available.

Secure 1-click-payment via SteemConnect

The production amount of the Stardust mine will still be announced and adjusted down- or upwards in consultation with the team and the buyers. We will make sure that these mines don't harm the game, but at the same time make sure that they become powerful tools.

We will now roll out the Stardust economy. To ensure our Stardust token model has a "sink" in it, we have to burn tokens. This idea was initially suggested by Vitalik Buterin and has been widely adopted. Basically, it involves designing token models with "buy-and-burn" mechanisms. The decrease in supply raises the value of all remaining tokens by the percentage of total supply destroyed.

To upgrading Yamato, you need Stardust. With this measure, we introduce the first sink for Stardust. With the fees for the transfer of planets we have introduced the second sink. We will now constantly add more meaningful sinks and thus increase the value of Stardust before we making the token tradable on exchanges.

Please be aware that this is a pre-order. Titans will be distributed as soon as the first season is over. This will be around the end of December 2019.

Pre-order your titan now to get a powerful Stardust mine.

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