Base 19

With 1,118 square meters, Base is a massive structure to withstand the harsh climate and sandstorms. Inside it consists of nine capsules and a control room, recycling plant, airlock, storage room, bio module, medical care, living area. With its extremely limited resources it must be permanently controlled.

Note: Reduce the upgrade time for buildings by +1% per level
Note: Increases the mission slots by +0.5 slots per level

Cost: 3456 Coal, 2016 Ore, 1008 Copper, 432 Uranium

Shipyard 18

In the spaceships shipyard, you can build spaceships for exploration and transport. With the increasing level of the shipyard you can build mighty warships, which can be used to defend your colony but also to attack your enemies.

Note: Reduce the build time for ships by +1% per level

Cost: 3456 Coal, 2016 Ore, 1008 Copper, 432 Uranium

Research Center 18

Research involves the exploration of a planet, its immediate environment, the solar system and the universe through to the development of satellite-based technologies. This is where all scientific astronomical and planetary data from all missions converge and where interplanetary space in orbit is monitored.

Note: Increase depot capacity by +2.5% per level

Cost: 3456 Coal, 2016 Ore, 1008 Copper, 432 Uranium

Uranium Mine 19

Uranium is primarily used for energy generation. Uranium is also the starting material for the construction of nuclear weapons and ignition devices for hydrogen bombs. Especially to moving your fleet you will need large amounts of uranium. Uranium is a rare raw material that plays a strategically important role.

Current Level: 190 Uranium / Day
Next Level: 200

Production Increase Skill (lvl. 2) +1%: 13.60 Uranium / Day
Rarity Boost Based on the rarity your planet gets a boost to the associated type. These are the possible rarity boost levels in ascending order: Uncommon (10%), Rare (20%), Legendary (100%). (Legendary) +100%: 20.60 Uranium / Day
Rune Boost The rune boost supports the rarity boost. There are three different runes in the shop. These are the possible gradations: Rune (10%), Mighty Rune (25%), Holy Rune (50%). (Holy Rune) +50%: 20.60 Uranium / Day

Total Production: 800.00 Uranium / Day

Cost: 2304 Coal, 1440 Ore, 1008 Copper, 216 Uranium

Uranium Depot 19

When storing uranium, it should be noted that secondary products are present from the uranium decay series which also emit beta and penetrating gamma rays. The storage of uranium is, therefore, associating with high personnel expenses and costs. If your warehouse is full, your colony has to destroy the overproduction. In addition, a depot protects you from plunderers.

Capacity Current Level: 600 Uranium
Capacity Next Level: 620

Depots Capacity Increase Skill (lvl. 1) +2.5%: 15.00 Uranium
Research Center (lvl. 10) +25.00%: 150.00 Uranium

Total Capacity (full in: 01:22:02:51): 630.00 Uranium

Safe: 100.00 Uranium (15% of the total capacity)

Cost: 3456 Coal, 2016 Ore, 1008 Copper, 432 Uranium

Bunker 18

The purpose of the fortified bunker is to strengthen the own positions and to make attacks of the opponents more difficult. The bunker is a building which keeps a part of your resources safe from being raided by other players. The amount of resources it keeps safe is dependent on your depots and your bunker skill.

Protection Current Level: 0.75%
Protection Next Level: 1.50%

Bunker Protection Increase Skill (lvl. 4): +1.0%

Total Protection: 1.75%

Cost: 23 Ore, 23 Coal, 23 Copper, 5 Uranium

Shield Generator 12

Shield Generator generated a shield around your planet, which makes any attacks impossible. Attacking ships will thus not be able to destroy your ships and steal your resources. Before activation however, you first need to charge the Shield Generator, which takes time. While active, the Shield Generator will consume 10% of your resource production. With higher levels, the duration of the activation period will increase. However, the charge time will increase as well. Generally, due to charge times, you can protect your planet by max 50% of the time with a Shield Generator.

Protection current level: 01:00:00:00
Protection next level: 02:00:00:00

Charging in progress, finish in 00:33:06

While the Shield Generator is being charged, production is curtailed. The production rate of all your mines are reduced by 10% during charging.

Upgrade cost: 806 Ore, 403 Coal, 282 Copper, 84 Uranium

Upgrade finished in 00:33:06
Charge finished in 01:00:00:00
Shield active until 01:00:00:00

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