The NextColony Wallet is where you will find your in-game token - Stardust! Stardust allows you to enhance your gaming experience through participation in the Seasons, the buying and selling of Ships, Items and Planets on the Market, the activating of Buffs,and much more. To learn more about Stardust, visit the Stardust section.

There are two ways to reach your Wallet - through your Account Menu or by clicking on your SD amount at the top of your page. Once you have entered the Wallet page, you will see the total amount of Stardust you have in-game, as well as the balance you currently hold on Steem Engine. You will also find displayed the Total Supply.

Stardust can be Transferred or Converted.

NextColony Wallet

Transfer Stardust

If you would like to send Stardust to another player, all you need to do is click on the Transfer link. A window will appear where you can enter the username and the amount you would like to send; after which you can hit the Confirm button. The amount will instantly be transferred into the other player's Wallet.

Convert Stardust

Stardust is not only an in-game token which can be used to gain advantages in your NextColony adventure, but it is also a Steem Engine Token which can be traded on an open market.

If you would like to Convert your Stardust, simply click on the Convert link and you will be given a window showing you the balance in both wallets. You will then have two options.

From NC to SE - allows you to convert Stardust from an in-game token to a Steem Engine Token. Just enter the amount you would like to convert, and tap the Convert button.

The opposite is also true. If you would like to bring more Stardust into the game, you can use the second option.

From SE to NC - allows you to convert your Steem Engine Stardust into in-game Stardust. Enter the amount you would like to receive, and hit the Covert button.

Finally, your Wallet page also displays all of your Stardust transactions; with the Date, the Sender and Receiver, the Type of transaction, the Amount (blue for incoming Stardust, and red for outgoing Stardust) and the Transaction ID (TXID).

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