There is a lot to consider when playing NextColony. Here are some basics to get you started right away. As a beginner, one of the first things you will need to get familiar with is your initial Overview page. The Overview page provides you with a great deal of information concerning your Alpha planet, as well as your other planets when you are lucky enough in the future to collect them. In the uppermost part of the Overview page, you will see from left to right, your current amount of Resources for the selected planet. These Resources - Coal, Ore, Copper and Uranium - are needed for nearly every aspect of building up your colony. To help you get started with the beginnings of every newly discovered planet, your Mines will have already begun to produce a small amount of Resources.

Beside your Resources, you will find the amount of Stardust you presently possess. Stardust is an in-game token, which will allow you to use many other features of the game. You get some Resources to help you get started. Your Stardust balance will be 0 at the start.

After your Stardust, you will see your Planet Menu, which will take you to other pages concerning the selected planet, such as Buildings, Shipyard, Fleet, Missions, Galaxy and Production, which will all be covered later.

To the right of the Planet Menu, you have a Switch feature. When you later have several planets, you can Switch between the planets using this dropdown menu.

Finally, to the right of the Switch feature is your Account Menu, with your Steem name, and a list of important pages like - Skills, Buffs, Items, Market, Shop, Wallet, Season, Ranking, Planets, Activity, Guide and Logout - which will all become an integral part of your gaming adventure.

NextColony Overview

Further down on your Overview page, you will see an amazing image of your selected planet, accompanied by the following information: including, the date it was discovered, the Rarity and Type, location coordinates, available missions, planet ID and the Building Level. Below this, for your comfort, there are some handy shortcuts to most of the links that you will find in your Planet Menu.

Next we have several options that will allow you to View more detailed information about the selected planet, Rename the planet, Gift, or transfer the planet to another player (this option does not apply to your Alpha planet), Burn the planet in exchange for Stardust (also excluding your Alpha planet), Respawn the planet (Alpha planet only) or Sell the planet on the Market (excluding the Alpha planet).

Continuing to scroll down, you will have access to information concerning Missions, Stardust, Season, Battle of the Day, Production, Market and other NextColony Tools, as well as the NextColony introductory story, and details about Rewards.

Step-by-Step Tutorial

This is a short step-by-step tutorial with tips on how to get started. First of all: you now have your own planet. Congratulations! After a flight of several months from Earth through the undiscovered depths of space, you have finally discovered a habitable planet. Planet Alpha.

#01 learn four skills

You'll be faced with an empty planet and the task of expanding this colony to reap the planet's available resources. Before you can upgrade a building on your planet, your character has to learn the building skill for that first. Go to skill now and enhance the four building skills coal mine, ore mine, copper mine, and uranium mine to level 1. After a short wait of 15 minutes, your character has learned the skills. The countdown shows you how long it will take until level 1 is enhanced.

#02 upgrade four buildings

Did you learn the four building skills? Once you have learned the four skills, you can start upgrading the four resource buildings. You urgently need resources and must, therefore, increase your resource production! Go to buildings now and upgrade the four buildings coal mine, ore mine, copper mine, and uranium mine to level 1. After a short wait of 15 minutes, the buildings are upgraded to level 1. The countdown shows you how long it will take until level 1 is enhanced.

#03 depots

Now you should upgrade the depot capacity of all four depots. When a depot is full, your mine will stop. You can see that your depots are full when the resources are shown in red at the top of the menu. For this, you have to do the same as for the mines. First, enhance the building skills for all four depots and after, upgrade the four depots in buildings. This will increase your depot capacity. This is important because enhancing and upgrading is using more and more resources.

#04 build the first ship

To explore deep space, protect your planet, and attack other planets, you need civil- and battleships. First, you learn to build the smallest battleship Scout Sentry, so you can start your first mission soon. To build the battleship Scout Sentry, the first thing you need to do is enhance the ship skill Scout to level 20. This will take a while. Second, you have to upgrade the shipyard building to level 6 and therefore enhance the building skill for the shipyard to level 6.

Here are all three requirements for Scout Sentry summarized again:
- Required ship skill: Scout level 20
- Required building skill: Shipyard level 6
- Required building level: Shipyard level 6

You can inspect the battleship Scout Sentry in the shipyard and also see the requirements there. It will take you a few days to build the first ship. During this time you will take care that the mines and depots of your Alpha planet will be upgraded. If you want to speed up, you can buy a chest in the shop.

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