Within the NextColony lore, mighty supernovae distributed Stardust throughout the universe. When Planet Earth was formed more than four billion years ago, many elements came to Earth in the form of Stardust. Stardust were tiny substances in the interstellar medium that were eventually incorporated into meteorites. Those meteorites stored the granules of Stardust, and dispersed them wherever they flew. Everything that we are, and everything in the known universe, as well as on Earth, originated from Stardust. And it continually floats through us, and all around us, even to this very day. It directly connects us to the universe, rebuilding our bodies over and over again, throughout our lifetimes.

Thanks to our technological progress, Stardust can now be extracted from almost anything, or anywhere, in space. The process is costly, but it is important for the interstellar community because it allows Settlers and Raiders to engage in an independent and transparent market. It is, in fact, the interstellar currency of the NextColony universe!

So how can you get some of this precious Stardust into your Wallet? There are several ways:

Exploring for Stardust

Explore Missions allow you to send your Explorer I or Explorer II ships into space on the hunt for Stardust, as well as planets and blueprints. Once you have reached the unexplored coordinates, your ship will search for a planet, and depending on which Explorer you have selected, you will have up to a 5.5% chance of discovering one. If a planet is found, your mission ends. If a planet is not found, you will then have a 5% chance that the Explorer will be lost, hence the mission ends there as well. But if the ship is not lost, and no planet is discovered, you will then have a 10% chance of finding some Stardust.

Selling on the Market

The NextColony Market is where you can sell the game's digital collectibles - like Planets, Items and Ships - in exchange for Stardust. Please visit the Market section to learn about all the ways you can gain Stardust from selling what you find or purchase during your gaming experience.

Receiving Stardust

You can also receive Stardust from another player. If, for whatever reason, another Settler or Raider wants to send you some of this interstellar currency, all they need to do is click on the Transfer link from within their Wallet, and a window will appear where they can enter your username and the amount they would like to send you; after which they can hit the Confirm button. The amount will be instantly transferred into your Wallet.

Burning Planets for Stardust

All non-Alpha/Novum planets can be Burned in exchange for some Stardust. The amount of Stardust the player can earn depends on the Rarity, as well as the Type, of the planet. Visit the Planet section to learn more about the value of each planet. To Burn a planet, you must enter its Overview page and click on the Burn option. A window will open which will provide you with all of the details you need to view before making your final decision. When you are certain that you wish to Burn, simply hit the Burn Planet Now button, and you will instantly receive your Stardust. A planet cannot be Burned if you have any active Missions, or if that planet is being sold on the Market.

Stardust from Seasons

During each NextColony Season, a list a rewards will be offered to the top winners, which will include Stardust for some. To learn more about how to win this Stardust, please visit the Season and Yamato sections.

Stardust from Steem Engine

Stardust is not only an in-game token which can be used to gain advantages in your NextColony adventure, but it is also a Steem Engine Token which can be traded on an open market. If you would like to bring more Stardust into the game through this route, please go to the Wallet section of this Guide.

Now that you have learned how to get your hands on some of this valuable interstellar cash, here are some of the many places that you can use it:

Buying on the Market

Just as Stardust can be earned by selling your collectibles on the Market, that same Stardust can be used to buy whatever you find on the Market. Please visit the Market page to learn how you can use your Stardust to buy Planets, Items or Ships.

Activating Buffs

Buffs are temporary boosts in certain features of the game that allow you to really gain a powerful advantage. They are instant enhancements that can be activated with Stardust. To learn more, visit the Buffs section.

Transfer Stardust

If you would like to send Stardust to another player, all you need to do is click on the Transfer link from within your Wallet page. A window will appear where you can enter the username and the amount you would like to send; after which you can hit the Confirm button. The amount will instantly be transferred into the other player's Wallet.

Stardust for Yamatos

Stardust is a very important, and essential, element needed for the upgrading of Yamato during the NextColony Seasons. Unlike other upgrading features within the game, which require only mineral resources, the construction Yamato Tiers include Stardust as part of the enhancement process. Please visit the Season and Yamato sections for greater details.

Stardust to Steem Engine

As mentioned above, Stardust is also a Steem Engine Token which can be traded on an open market. The trading of Stardust on the Steem Engine market is beyond the scope of this Guide. Suffice it to say, however, that this NextColony interstellar currency can be converted into a valuable token which can be sold to earn STEEM, Bitcoin, Litecoin, EOS and many other popular cryptocurrencies. To learn how to convert your Stardust into a Steem Engine Token, please visit the Wallet section.

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