Skills are one of the very first strategic features that you will need to focus on. In order to perform many functions within the game, like upgrading Buildings or constructing ships, you will first need to acquire the necessary Skill Level. Once a Skill is advanced, it is active on the account level; meaning, once you have leveled up a certain Skill, that Skill will be immediately available for all the planets you possess.

Choose your Skills carefully, and in accordance with your strategy. Within the Skills page, you will find 4 categories to choose from - Building Skills, Research Skills, Ship Skills and Commander Skills. Each Skill requires a certain amount of Resources before it can be enhanced. The amount of Resources, as well as the specific time needed to level up, will be shown below the Skill you are interested in. When those Resources become available, the Enhance Now button will appear. If you have not yet attained the necessary minerals, the Enhance Now button will be replaced with a Missing Resources message. The insufficient minerals will be shown in red.

Building Skills are needed in order to begin enhancing the Buildings on your planet. Each planet contains a series of structures needed to produce, store and protect resources, as well as build ships and launch missions.

Research Skills can help boost production, as well as further store and protect your Resources.

Ship Skills are essential for the building of all ships. Before any ship can be built, you must first reach the Max Skill Level of the ship you desire to build.

Commander Skills are advanced Skills which will allow you to launch extra missions, prolong sieges and strengthen many characteristics of your ships, making them more powerful on the battlefield.

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