The NextColony Shop is the place to go if you want to acquire some advantages in your gaming experience; provided, of course, that you are willing to spend some STEEM. Whether you're looking for some extra resources, rare Blueprints or production boosters, the Shop is where you want to go to find some:

Resources are one of the most important features of the game. Coal, Ore, Copper and Uranium are needed for nearly everything you do within the NextColony universe. With any of the Chests, you can gain an advantage in acquiring, instantly, these minerals for you chosen planet. Chests are unlimited, but have a daily cap which is reset everyday. The different Chests will provide different amount of resources, and hence will have a range of value from low to high cost, depending on your needs.

NextColony Shop

The Shop also provides you with a unique collection of Blueprints. As you have learned in the Battle section, there are different kinds of firepower for your fleet - Rocket, Bullet and Laser. Here, in the Shop page, you will find the rare Bullet Class Blueprints, from the tiny Swarmer, the Scout Athene, to the massive Battleship, the Dreadnought Imperial! You will also find the extremely fast Transporter II, which will allow you to deliver, and steal, resources quickly; as well as the powerhouse of explorations, the Explorer II, which allows you to explore farther and faster, and increases your droprate while hunting planets. Be mindful that these Blueprints are limited, and when they run out, you will only be able to purchase them from the Market, if other players are selling, or receive them as a Gift.

Finally, the Shop also provides you with Runes, which will allow you to improve the productivity of a certain planet, and thus make it even more powerful and valuable. Runes are enhancers of your Rarity Boosts (learn more about this in the Planets section). If, for example, you have a Rare Ore planet, activating a Rune on that planet will further augment your Ore production, but not the productivity of the other mines. Those planets with no Rarity Boost will not benefit from these Runes, so choose wisely upon which planets you activate a Rune, so as to gain the maximum advantage.

Below each Item, you will find the price in STEEM. If you are interested in purchasing something from the Shop, be sure you have the necessary STEEM in your account. Once the transaction has gone through, your purchase will appear immediately in your Items page.

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