The Shipyard is where you will begin to build your mighty fleet. Once you have enhanced your Shipyard Skills, and leveled up your Shipyard in the Buildings section, you will begin choosing which ships you would like to construct and leveling up the necessary blueprints in the Skills page. There are 36 different types of ships ranging from:

Each ship has specific features, which make it unique, and allows it to perform different tasks. Some Blueprints come freely with the game, while other Blueprints can be purchased in the Shop or earned by sending out Explore Missions.

Within the Shipyard page, you will find a description of each ship, along with many details about the ship's specific characteristics. In order for ships to fly, they need fuel in the form of Uranium. The Fuel Consumption costs are shown in (Coordinate Points Per Tile), meaning that for every Tile a ship must cross along its flight, a certain amount of Uranium is consumed. You will learn more about Tiles in the Galaxy section.

Each ship also has a Speed, which is calculated using the (Coordinate Points Per Hour), meaning that for every hour that a ship flies, it will cross a certain amount of Tiles. So if a ship has a Speed of 8, and your destination is 16 Tiles away, your outbound journey will only take two hour to complete. But if your ship has a Speed of 1, that same flight will take 16 hours to reach the desired coordinates.

Every ship, with the exception of the Explorers, can carry Cargo during certain missions. The fixed Cargo capacity is shown in the Shipyard page for each ship.

During battles, ships depend upon 3 elements for protection - Structure, Armor and Shields. On the offensive side, there are 3 types of attacking power - Rocket, Bullet and Laser. You will learn more about these styles in the Battle section.

Finally, for your convenience, the descriptions within the Shipyard page will indicate for you what Ship Skill, Building Skill and Building Level are required before you can start constructing your fleet. You can only begin building certain ships once you have satisfied specific requirements. For example, one of the easiest ships you can begin building is the Scout. Within your Skills page, you must first enhance your Shipyard to Level 6 and bring your Scout Skill to Level 20. Once your Shipyard Skill has reached Level 6, you must bring the actual Shipyard, in your Buildings page, to Level 6 as well. Then you can begin constructing Scouts; that is, of course, if you have the necessary Resources which will allow you to hit the green Build button! As described in other sections, if you do not have enough minerals, you will see a gray Miss Resources message. Another factor that would prevent you from being able to build a certain ship is a missing Blueprint, which will result in one of the following messages - Buy Blueprint, Activate Blueprint or Earn Blueprint.

As with many other features of the game, a ship will need a certain amount of time to complete its construction. This information will also be found in the Shipyard section.

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