Rewards are paid out in seasons. Before the season is started, the rewards table, as well as some other parameters, like name, prize pool, leach rate, deploy rate and duration of the new season, are published. These parameters are defined individually and manually for each season.

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What are Total Reward Points (Total RP)?

Total Reward Points are the basis for the ranking at the end of the season. They consist of the Upgrade Reward Points (URP) as well as the Downgrade Reward Points.

What are Upgrade Reward Points (URP)?

If you upgrade a Yamato ship, you will get Upgrade Reward Points (URP) equivalent to the amount of Stardust, which was used in the upgrade. However, the URP will only be rewarded at the end of the season when the Yamato and its respective Tier is still alive. So it does not help to build a Yamato and upgrade it – you need to keep it safe and alive until the end of the season.

What are Downgrade Reward Points (DRP)?

If you destroy an opponent’s Yamato in a battle, it will be downgraded by one Tier and you will earn a share of the URP of the downgraded Yamato, which will be counted as Downgrade Reward Points (DRP). The share of the URP you earn as DRP is defined by the Leach rate, which can change from season to season. For the first season, we will start with a leach rate of 50%. These points are earned instantly when the battle is won and are therefore not at risk anymore. Generally spoken, it can be said that the higher the leach rate, the more attractive it is to hunt other player’s Yamato ships.

What is Leach Rate?

The Leach Rate defines which portion of the Upgrade Reward Points, which one player loses as his or her Yamato is defeated, is earned by the winning player. The Leach Rate is redefined for each season. The current Leach Rate can be seen in the season overview.

What is Deploy Rate?

If a Yamato is deployed from one player to another player, the receiving player will receive a share of the former owners URP, which are related to the Yamato. At 100% deploy rate, the receiving player gets all of the original UPR, while at 0% no URP are transferred. If the Yamato is transferred or defeated later on, the amount of URP or DRP for the winning or receiving player is calculated based on the original URP of the ship. In such a case, the URP of the player which received the Yamato from somebody else in the first place, might become negative.

Here is an example with 100% deploy rate and 60% Leach Rate:

100% deploy rate means that 100% of the URP are transferred to the recipient. So if you send a Yamato from A to B then A will lose 100% of the points and B will gain 100% of the points. If C then kills a tier of the Yamato of B then B will lose 100% of the tier points and C will gain 60% of the tier points.

Selling a Yamato on the market is not influenced by the deploy rate ... so if you sell a Yamato on the Market you will lose 100% of the points and the buyer will get 0%.

In short:

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