Your Items page is where you will find all of your in-game purchases, the Blueprints you earn through your Explore Missions, as well as any Items transferred to you as a Gift from another player. These digital collectibles will remain in your Items page until they are either activated, sold or transferred to another player.

To take advantage of these powerful Items, you must first choose the planet upon which you would like to use them. Each Item can only be used on one planet, so choose wisely, for once the Item has been activated, it is permanent. Once you have decided on a planet, simply click on the Activate button below the Item of interest, or Open (in the case of Chests). A drop-down menu will provide you with a list of all of your planets, where you can select the planet of your choice. Finally, hit the Activate Now button, and your Item will be applied to the planet you have chosen.

NextColony Items

From within your Items page, you can also transfer your digital collectibles to another player using the Gift feature. Simply click the Gift link and a window will open prompting you to enter the account name of the player you wish to transfer the Gift to. Once the account name is entered, and you click the Gift Now button, the digital collectible will be instantly sent to the other player's Items page.

Finally, from within your Items page, you can also Sell your Items onto the NextColony Market in exchange for Stardust. All that needs to be done is to click on the Sell link below the Item you wish to place on the Market, enter the amount of Stardust you would like to receive, hit the Confirm button and wait until an interested buyer comes along. Your Item will instantly be placed on the Market.

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