Buildings are the fundamental foundation of every planet; without them, many features of the game will remain inaccessible. There are thirteen different buildings, all providing special strategical tasks needed to advance your colony. Remember that before upgrading any Building, you will need to first achieve the necessary Skills before you can level up.

Within the Buildings page, you will find a description for what task each structure performs. Special notes are given to inform you as to what feature will be enhanced as the levels are increased. Some Buildings even provide details about the current level, and what can be expected on the next level; examples include production levels, storage capacities and resource protection.

Each Building requires a specific amount of minerals before it can be enhanced; and each Level requires a certain amount of time to complete that enhancement. Much like the Skills page, when you have enough resources, an Upgrade button will appear. If those resources are lacking, the Upgrade button will be replaced with a gray Miss Resources message, and the insufficient minerals will be highlighted in red.

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