Buffs are temporary boosts in certain features of the game that allow you to really gain a powerful advantage. Unlike Items, Buffs are not digital collectibles, and cannot be traded or sold. Rather, there are instant enhancements that can be activated with Stardust. Buffs can be purchased multiple times, thus extending the duration of the chosen Buff; so, for example, if you purchase 2 Mission Control Buffs, you will not get 800 Mission Slots, but rather 2 week of 400 Slots.

Once Buffs are activated, they effect the account level; meaning they will be available for all planets. Buffs are an enrichment for your gaming experience, as well as a nice Stardust sink. At the moment, there are only two Buffs available within the Buffs page. We will probably implement more Buffs in the future.

NextColony Buffs

Battle Speed: This Buff gives a massive advantage to commanders with huge fleets, and explorers with many planets. Whether you are transporting or looting resources, attacking your enemies, exploring for new planets or deploying your fleets, this Mission Control Buff will provide you with the flexibility you need to manage numerous Missions.

Mission Control: This Buff greatly increases, temporarily and to a fixed level, the speed of all Rocket, Bullet and Laser Class Swarmers and Battleships. The speed will depend on the Class of ship, and will be different for each Class. This is essential for commanders engaged in fierce battling. Slow ships can sometimes be a deciding factor in any kind of Battle scenario. With the Battle Speed Buff, you can modify your fighting strategy and win more battles, using more of your fleet than you would normally use.

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